A silver lining – somewhat

So maybe Eric Idle was onto something when he reminded us to “always look on the bight side of life”.  There is certainly some validity to that whimsical piece of melodic advice, and one I have come to embrace and share with others as the situations around us have all become a touch more challenging.  

Over the course of the last several months I have had the pleasure to work with several clients who have embraced the “opportunity” afforded by the economic environment.  They have taken time away from their professional careers – either by choice or by circumstance – and truly reflected on where they have been, the successes they have enjoyed, the price they have paid, and the legacy they have left to date.  For some it has been a chance to recharge, to reaffirm their overall commitment to their path and their profession, and they could not be happier.  

For others, this pause has given them arguably their first chance to ever really stop and think, to reflect on all aspects of their professional and personal life.   They have realized that there might just be a need for adjustment.   There is nothing wrong in either scenario, but it is certainly a very healthy, wise and sophisticated aspect of ones life journey to pause and reflect, to adjust and grow.  

We are seeing and helping folks find their passion, their calling.  Sometimes it is a reaffirmation of their past. For others it is starting on an entirely new path.  We are seeing families become reconnected, or at least better connected. We have listened to others realign their personal and family goals.  Place different values on different things, to realize some things are more or less important when viewed through a different prism.  We have seen folks regain their physical fitness, awaken the dormant athlete, or further their professional education. Of course there are real world challenges confronting everyone during these times, and by no means do I advocate a fanciful assumption that all will be well without some serious action.

However, I can say without question that the opportunity to reflect, evaluate, and above all take long overdue action on one’s lives goals has been one constant silver lining to the cloud of uncertainty that has hung over the economy for the last six months.  Many would not have asked for this “opportunity”, or at least not have requested that it arise quite in the fashion that it has, but many are grateful for the chance to really tackle some core issues – issues that all too often were lost in the noise of our day to day lives.  They have been given a gift of time.  

It is refreshing and encouraging to hear from those who have embraced and taken advantage of this “opportunity”, this gift of time.  It is a theme I have shared with many a client, take advantage of this gift.  How it was given to you is not the issue – the fact is that you have the chance – take advantage of it.  In the immortal words of those comedic geniuses Monty Python – always look on the bright side of life!  

(Whistling slowly fades away)

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