This is business – Failure is an option

In the ongoing theme of sharing strong interview questions and techniques, we wanted to share another great insight into a candidates way of thinking.

As you are chatting during the pre-interview banter, a slight reference to the idea of “no fail” grading systems might provide a very telling glimpse into the candidates true thought process.

In the final analysis, business is about winning. In a capitalist system there is no room for dead weight – a business either is or is not viable (profitable). A binary issue. Does anyone really want a leader of their business at any level to be an advocate of mediocrity?

As we are surrounded by stories of “bailouts”, “too large to fail”, and other stories of “debt forgiveness” and other examples of excusing failure, it is wise to remember that at its heart business is a matter of competing and winning.  Though in everything there is a balance, it is absolutely critical to the survival of a business that it remain a healthy, viable, winning organization.

Great people make wonderful neighbors and friends, but are they winners is the question.  Interviewing is about finding the competitors and winners, those special few who will make the company better, who will lead it to win.  It is those special few who are the ones who want to and do keep score.

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