Opportunity – Any Day Will Do

It only seems fitting, being New Years Eve and all, to share one of those missives regarding the old “starting a new” theme that seems to arise all so often around this time.  Truth be told, it has always struck me, the eternal realist, as odd that New Years Eve and/or Day is a holiday.  Then again, who am I to complain.  Observe, comment, maybe smirk, but never complain.

One of the most common phrases we hear is that of delay.  “I will start the job search after the Holidays” or “once the kids are back in school” or “once we are clear of tax season” or the timely “after the turn of the year” – all classics.  The examples are endless and we have all heard, if not used them ourselves many a time.  Sometimes there is some degree of validity to the delay.  Try getting in to see a CPA the first two weeks in April – not an option.  However, declaring you will not begin to take positive action until after a certain date is nothing more than postponing the inevitable, especially when it comes to a career, life, or professional transition.  To take some liberty with a classic proverb, opportunity waits for no particular date.

In the end, dates and days are completely arbitrary.  Declaring you will start something after a certain time or date is inherently counterproductive, nothing more than a delaying tactic, and frankly rather silly.  Cleary rushing into things is not what we would advocate, but waiting to begin is simply wasting time.  If you have to marry yourself to an event, the start of a new year is fine – use it and acknowledge it for the crutch that it is.  But waiting for it, or any other random day, is getting you nowhere. Get on with it.  Commit and move forward.

Well – at least start tomorrow – it is New Years Day after all.

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