The Irony of Wildlife…Photos

We had captured the elusive Desert Big Horn Sheep…on film.  Well, a couple of digital images, but “on film” still has a ring to it.  The day was overcast and a touch damp, but regardless of weather, Zion National Park is a beautiful place.  We were quite fortunate to have the park relatively speaking to ourselves.  There are some benefits of being there in February.

And so went that hike .  A few photos, and we and the animal went our separate ways.  I had not thought much more of the moment, but as time passed and the photos randomly appeared as a screen saver, I could not help but notice the animal’s head.  A little zooming, and there it was, the inquisitive tilted head.

It was the animal looking at us with a look of question, wondering what it was we were doing there. Why were we in his domain? It was an interesting moment.  Us thinking we had spotted the elusive Big Horn Sheep, when in reality it was the sheep who had spotted the elusive hiking human.  For it was us who were visiting his home.  It was us who were out-of-place.  It should be odd to an animal to see us in its habitat, not us that should be surprised to see them in their habitat.

Paradigm is an amazing thing.  Seeing things only from one point of view is extremely limiting.  It only took 3 months and the constant subliminal message of a photo appearing on the computer to drive the message home.  In this case it was not what the camera captured, but rather what the subject saw looking at the photographer.  Change the point of view, change the paradigm, and things often look completely different.

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