New Days, Not New Years

So here it is, a week into a new year, and the constants of life are everywhere.  The gym is overrun with the “resolutionites”, companies are neck-deep in “kick-off” meetings and conferences, and the annual game of bonus payout and potential job shuffle is in full swing.  Give it six weeks, the gym will clear out, companies will be doing much the same as they did last year, and most folks will have the same jobs in spite of all the dancing.  New Years is such an odd time.  A faux holiday if there ever was one.

Call it a benefit of the holidays and family visitors – the TV was on a bit more than usual.  Not a ton, but a bit.  It does not hurt that it is College Football Bowl season, and NFL playoff time, but that is a side issue.  One of the great benefits of the last few weeks has been catching a rather unique and in a way inspiring commercial from Genworth Financial.  For a holiday that always struck me as a bit odd, the below commercial really brought things into focus.

New Years Day, for all the hoopla, all the parties, all the resolutions and promises, all the hope and the belief that the coming year will be different, is really nothing more than just another day.  But there in lies the beauty of the faux holiday.  I finally get it thanks to Genworth Financial, or at least their ad agency.  All those silly ideals and hopes, dreams and promises I have scoffed at while watching the silliness that is the New Years holiday, is not limited to that day.  It is, in reality, the beauty of every single new day.  Opportunity is everywhere, everyday.

There are 364, and every four years 365, chances to make a change, to start anew.  Waiting for an arbitrary turn of the calendar is foolish.

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