As I Say or As I Do

In an interesting way, the “classics” are reinforced in some of the most unorthodox ways.  It is just a product of a wired and connected, youtube, facebook and twitter world – anyone can get their message out.  Long way from the days of Wayne and Garth on local cable access.

Leadership and followership – it is a complex issue that has spawned countless books, lectures, training camps and schools of thought. Then again, it is a topic that can be summed up so well in a brief moment in the very midst of a profanity laced rant that went viral last week.

“I’m not doin’ what you don’t do. You’re the leader, I’m followin’.”

It is that age-old leadership adage in a stripped down format.  “Do as I say, not as I do” was always one of those leadership “isms” that was driven into me from an early age.  Granted Felonious Munk’s rant, while epic, witty and timely, is hardly the stuff to be shown at a leadership conference, the lesson holds.

In the office, on the sports field, in politics, in the home, even in life, it is about what we do, or do not do. Behavior is emulated, copied, and learned.  Those who carry the mantle of being the example have to set the example.  Not talk about it, but do it.  There it is, a take off on the classic “do as I say not as I do” theme. So simple and yet so hard for so many in leadership positions to really grasp – it is in the end all about the example you set.

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