Thanks George…err Mr. Hincapie

From all of us grinders, anonymous workers and teammates; us “old guys”, the wily and crafty veterans if we might be so bold.  From all of us that sincerely believe in the idea of  just doing it right, whatever “it” might be, thanks.  It is not often we see the good guys finish first, but when we do, it is worth the wait.

Have to admit, it was just one of those days and one of those stages.  The epic climbs, the altitude, the crowds.  It was the best of what cycling offers.  It was not on some difficult to pronounce European road – it was in Colorado.  But the loss of coverage during the descent, the start of the rain, just the unknown of what was happening began to create tension.  Yes, Phil and Paul helped with the drama factor, but the brief snippets of video feed began to reveal that something had happened out on the road – a group was away – during a descent.  And then, out of the mist and into town rode a small group of six.  It was just one of those moments – not an all time, the stuff of history, epic moment, but something special a lot of us will not forget.

It is not too often the “old” guys win. And when it is also one of the genuine “good guys” it is all the better. But when it is one of those special few who are not only the wiley veteran and a good guy, the person who is respected and admired by his peers, but also the epitome of all that is right in the world of sports – well it makes us all feel good. Thanks George – it was good to see you win yesterday in Aspen.

Now if Jens could sneak away in the next couple days!

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