So You Hired A “Tebow”

They were awesome in the interview. They are the nicest, most likeable, genuine, sincere, motivated and dynamic person you have literally ever met. Oh, and they absolutely thrived in all of their previous jobs. Maybe there was a bit of a concern, a nagging doubt about how they would perform at the next level, but how could you not take the chance? And here you are…

Hiring is an amazingly difficult thing to do. Rather, hiring well is difficult. Hiring is easy. Truth be told, it is a massive committment for both parties, yet the “courtship” is relatively brief. Think if we all married someone after only a couple coffee dates and maybe a dinner. Well, maybe a quick background check also. In the context of marriage it would be called foolish and naive, but in business it is called an interview process. Crazy really.

None the less, when you take that chance and “hire for attitude – train for success”, you are entering into a long-term, committed relationship. Not only does the candidate have to be committed to learning and doing, but you must be committed to teaching, coaching, grooming, and frankly nurturing the candidate. They will not come up to speed as quickly. They will have difficulties. Yes, they will have stumbles. It is what you hired after all.  “Winners always win” or so goes the saying – sometimes that alone is enough to bring someone onboard.  Hiring for attitude is risky, but it holds no more risk than recycling the same old “qualified” or “experienced” candidates.

Tim Tebow gets his first start for the Broncos this Sunday.  The debate will finally come to an end – he gets his shot.  He brings one amazing record of success to the table – enough of one that the Broncos took Tebow in the first round when no one else would.  The Broncos “hired for attitude” but did they “train for success”?  That and several other questions are about to be answered.  The NFL season just got more interesting…


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