So You Inherited a “Tebow”

As was pointed out by more than just one person yesterday – more often than not you inherit a “Tebow” vice hire a “Tebow”.  The person who made the hiring decision is long gone.  As leaders we typically are in a position to “play the hand we are dealt” vice picking and choosing.  And when one looks at Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos that is the exact scenario.

So what does one do when they inherit someone else’s project?  It is a huge question – arbitrarily firing someone is typically not an option.  Letting them succeed or fail on their own has a direct impact on you.  Usually a dramatic impact.  As in lose your job impact.  Then again, providing the support, time, mentorship and training might not be entirely viable – the resources just might not exist.  It is a touch situation for all.  There is simply no right answer.

Fortunately most of us do not have to play this situation out on a national stage in a very binary fashion.  However, we must confront the issue.  Ignoring the inheritance is neither prudent nor fair.  The individual is on the team.  How they got there and why is not your issue.  How you and they will work together to find the best scenario for all is the issue…in a timely manner.

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