Lessons of the Fall Classic

Yes its cliché, yes it is a story line that has been over played, but just minutes away from the first pitch, it is a lesson that is worth remembering. And yes, even worth repeating…never give up, never quit, and above all never give up hope. One last tip of the hat to the Cardinals – what a season.

Granted, they have been playing on house money since the end of August, but there is something to be said for that devil-may-care attitude that comes when there is nothing left to lose.  Then again, a franchise with as rich a history as the St. Louis Cardinals knows that they had done it before.  Granted it was 1964, but after closing a 9 1/2 game deficit in September to win the pennant, they bested the vaunted Yankees of Berra, Maris and Mantel in the World Series.  Lessons and confidence, faith and hope can be drawn from what has been done in the past.  It might not have been you, but the success of those that have gone before can be an inspiration; even a validation.

Like many I bash baseball for being a slow game mired in a marathon of a season.  But come the playoffs the boyhood love of the game returns.  And now more than ever I embrace the beauty of the game as it relates to life.  There is no clock, quarters, or arbitrarily imposed limitations.  Each team has an equal number of opportunities.  Each hitter a clean slate when he walks to the plate.  Opportunity abounds.  There are literally no limits to what can be achieved…as long as the game is being played.  It is the ultimate in individual competition and team play.  It takes a team to win, but the batter stands alone.  Squander the opportunity, and you are out.  It is binary, and it is reality.

So thanks to one class organization, one amazing team, a great leader like Larussa, and individuals like David Freese for showing us all what it means to never say die.  Last night was a horrible 7 innings of sloppy baseball, but an epic last 4 innings. And one great call and tribute from Joe Buck…gotta love this video…

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