So How Was Your Day

Said it before, it is all about perspective. Good day, bad day.  Happy, sad.  Partly sunny, partly cloudy.  It is all about how you see things and from where you see them.  This afternoon I found a “gift” in my shoe.   On a relative scale, things could have been much worse…

So it is not exactly what any of us hope to find, but then again, it was not as bad as it could have been.  Really, think about what might have been…in form, substance, placement; even the shoe that caught the pass could have been worse.  Oh, as a dog owner I can assure things can be much worse.  And suddenly, what seemed to be such a downer day on the work front was suddenly not quite so bad. And frankly, if that present in my shoe was as bad as it gets today, then things are not quite as bad as it might seem.

Seriously, it made me laugh, and for that I am grateful.  Actually, I am grateful my nose lead me to the discovery before I put the shoe on…now that would have been an entirely different perspective.


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2 responses to “So How Was Your Day

  1. Jimbo

    Some days you’re the pigeon, some days you’re the statue.
    Bad Odin! 🙂

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