Career Transition

Over the years we have shared some thoughts on interviewing and resumes.  To say we have seen a fair bit over the years is a polite way to say we have seen more than a mistake or two.  It seemed only appropriate to have an area where some of the relatively speaking “more useful” lessons learned might be more easily found.  Of course the below are by no means all-encompassing, nor are they necessarily tailored to any one person or scenario.  However, there have been some useful lessons learned over the years.


Regardless of the title, scope, level, or even if there is a corner office involved, in the end interviews tend to be all the same.  It really does seem to come down to some of the more simple truths…usually.

What Are They Asking…Really

Past Performance is no Guarantee of Future Results

But Was It Relevant

Yes, There Are Dumb Questions

Premature Offer Negotiation

Your “Value” and Your Compensation

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Stop Worrying About the Neighbors Yard

Experience and Achievements


Everyone needs one, and everyone has an opinion on them.  There are no right answers, but there are certainly wrong ones.  These are our thoughts – they are neither right nor wrong.  They are just some thoughts.

Summary Sections

Personal or Additional Information

Lessons Learned From the Field


It seemed only fitting to share a link to some thoughts regarding Recruiters…Or Rather Headhunters.

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