Born or Learned?  Science or Art?  Structured or Informal?  Perceived or Directed?  Is Managing the same as Leading?  To say there is an absolute answer is terribly naive.  To claim remarkable insight or knowledge of the “right way” is both foolish and a bit egotistical on anyone’s part.  However, what we have all seen are some classic examples of both good and bad leaders.  There are traits that work, and traits that fail…usually.

Below are just a few of the observations we have made over the years – some come to us from business, some from sports, some from politics or the military, and some just from the day-to-day world around us.  Though there are no easy “right” answers, I would venture to say there are some strikingly obvious “wrong” answers when it comes to leadership.

If you are in need of a leader to emulate, take the time to study both Abraham Lincoln and Coach John Wooden.  No one is perfect, but they were close.

Margaret Thatcher is Leadership

Lincoln, Leadership and Another of the “Little Things”

The Dicodomy of Lennon

The Behavioral and Feedback Loop

Goals – Shoot For The Moon

Credible Leaders – The Only Kind

Leadership – The Exterior View

The Cost of the Contrarian Cowboy

Love What You Do

There in lies the heart of the question – Leaders realize they must earn the respect of their team first – all else stems from the respect of the team, to include being liked.

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