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It’s a Long Way To The Top…

…if ya wanna Rock and Roll.  Or so said Bon Scott and the boys from Australia.  We often hear from folks who are “ready for something more”, who are “looking to move on to a better role”, to “go to the next level”, and we are huge supporters of growing professionally.  Truth be told – our business depends on it.  However, what is often forgotten is that “moving up” tends to require sacrifice – longer hours, greater demands, relocation, more education, more training, taking the “tough jobs” – paying your dues and delivering results.

Yet again the shuffle option on iTunes served up a mid-day classic.  It is a fun, dated, and basic video and song of the seventies.  In a way it is a timeless reminder of a very real lesson – success takes work.  A lot of work, sweat equity, focus, committment, sacrifice, dedication, and yes even luck.  Even AC/DC can offer up some lyrical wisdom.

You have to be willing to pay the price to reach the goal – whatever the goal might be.  There are no short cuts to the top.  Bagpipes are optional.

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