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A Super Reminder…Passion and PMA

It is that classic American of spectacles, Super Bowl Sunday.  The game, the pageantry, the parties and the food.  Only in America.  Everything about it is bigger, louder, flashier and fattier.  This year was no different.  From the Peyton hype, the NYC centric weather debates, to the Richard Sherman loud mouth or genius arguments, it was a constant stream of media hype, gobbled up by the American public and washed down with Bud Lights by the millions.  The big screen HDTV was invented for just such an occasion.

Other than being reminded of the all too often SEC drubbing of Big Ten/ND teams in BCS bowls, watching the Seahawks out run, hit, swagger, flash and fun the Broncos, I found myself reminded of why I have often viewed Pete Carroll as a great example of leadership.  It was 5 years ago this month I wrote about the then USC head coach and an interview he gave on 60 Minutes.  What struck me then was his passion.  Nothing has changed in those 5 years (maybe my writing has become more concise).  The guy is still as passionate as ever, and that message resonates as strongly as ever.  The results speak for themselves.

It is clear Pete Carroll loves, absolutely loves, what he does.  He loves coaching, he loves his players, he loves the game, the competition, and certainly winning.  The guy has a blast, you can just tell.  He is one of the oldest people in his profession, yet appears and acts as one of the youngest.  His energy and enthusiasm is infectious.  In a profession typified by hyper stressed coaches glaring and screaming, Pete Carroll seems to be having an absolute ball.  Yes his players make mistakes, yes discipline is not absolute, but the lapses are made up for ten fold…mostly.

And for all his fun-loving, good time nature, he is very open about the fact that competition is the driving factor.  Anyone can take anyone’s job.  Every practice, every play, every training session and meeting, it is absolutely about competing and winning.  He holds people to account.  If you are the best at what you do, you play.  If you are complacent, you sit.  It is not mean-spirited, but it is reality.  You play like you practice.

A great many things go into success.  Though passion and a positive mental attitude alone are never enough, things sure are easier with them.  Plus, the pursuit of success tends to just be a whole lot more fun when one wants to be there and is enjoying what they are doing.  It has become cliché, “the NFL is a grind”, but from here, Pete Carroll seems to do it differently, and everyone seems happier and more successful.


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So You Inherited a “Tebow”

As was pointed out by more than just one person yesterday – more often than not you inherit a “Tebow” vice hire a “Tebow”.  The person who made the hiring decision is long gone.  As leaders we typically are in a position to “play the hand we are dealt” vice picking and choosing.  And when one looks at Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos that is the exact scenario.

So what does one do when they inherit someone else’s project?  It is a huge question – arbitrarily firing someone is typically not an option.  Letting them succeed or fail on their own has a direct impact on you.  Usually a dramatic impact.  As in lose your job impact.  Then again, providing the support, time, mentorship and training might not be entirely viable – the resources just might not exist.  It is a touch situation for all.  There is simply no right answer.

Fortunately most of us do not have to play this situation out on a national stage in a very binary fashion.  However, we must confront the issue.  Ignoring the inheritance is neither prudent nor fair.  The individual is on the team.  How they got there and why is not your issue.  How you and they will work together to find the best scenario for all is the issue…in a timely manner.

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