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Marketing and the Public – NFL and the DNC

Call it curiosity of an odd sort, but I find myself wondering today what will have more viewers this evening…the Democratic National Convention and specifically President Clinton’s speech, or the NFL’s season opening game between the Giants and the Cowboys.

Frankly, my money is on the football game.  Just a hunch, but will really be curious to see the numbers tomorrow.  By the way, where does one find such numbers?  It is interesting to notice the similarities in the marketing, the packaging, the general spectacle of both “events”.  It is all about hype, media coverage, messaging and creating a sense of excitement for the coming campaign.  The Super Bowl Champion Giants vs America’s Team the Cowboys;  former President Bill Clinton – both organizations are rolling out the marquee names!

Not sure what it says about society, but I will say that there is a bit of a degree of unknown about both events…a bit.  The Giants should play well and handle the Cowboys, and President Clinton should be on message, but one never knows.  Strange things do happen from time-to-time.

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