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Thank You Gil Meche

$12 million. Let that sink in for a minute. $12 million. Now granted, you already have booked $40 million give or take, but still 20% or so of your potential lifetime earnings surrendered…willingly. One interesting story. Surrendered out of principle. Now that’s impressive.

In an era of “everything in the name of a dollar”, we see someone, a professional athlete of all things, willingly leave behind money because they did not feel right taking it.  Seriously?  It is so refreshingly.  His statement of “I was not earning my money” is so honest it is quite literally unbelievable.

By the way, somebody needs to get Gil Meche on the speakers circuit.  Dare I say he could make a couple extra dollars telling his story…maybe it would resonate.  He could start at AIG.  There is quite literally no end to the number of organizations that would benefit from hearing his story.

Yes, it is much easier to be principled when you have $40 million in the bank.  I admit, that was my initial reaction, but that is what makes Gil Meche’s actions all the more impressive.  Who in sports, in entertainment, or in business, takes that sort of principled stand even when they have $40 million in the bank?  Though I am not sure of the actual number, I am confident saying it is damn few.  It is so rare that this story is special.  It should not be, but it is.

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