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Fall is in the Air…Hypocricy and the NFL

Ah, fall, that glorious time of year when the sun still shines, the leaves are turning and the evenings are nice and cool. Oh, and of course the return of America’s real “national past-time”, the NFL. Oh how I love the hypocrisy of pro football…nothing quite captures the current state of society as the blind eye turned in the name of good old entertainment.

So hat’s off to Roger Goodell and the juggernaut that is the NFL machine. Marketing, exposure, and sheer dollars generated – an amazing business.  However, just love the irony of the last few weeks.  Clearly player safety and integrity of the game remain paramount – they have changed the rules for kickoff’s in the name of preventing injury, agreed to start HGH testing in the new labor agreement, and have issued significant warnings about player concussions.  The high road all the way.  Yet, the Bengals Jerome Simpson has pounds of marijuana delivered to his home, which also happens to be a distribution center complete with several more pounds of pot on premises – yet he is still practicing and playing.  Oh, and of course no HGH testing yet, though it is “close to happening”.

So there you have it, the past-time of a nation, wrapped in hypocrisy and no one cares. It is going to be another fine season for the NFL – revenues will continue to grow and a nation will continue to gather around their televisions, pack the stadiums and sport their favorite jerseys.  Incredible what the public will accept.  All the while, the federal government continues to invest millions in an investigation of Lance Armstrong.  Apparently one can ship pounds of pot via the US Postal Service without repercussions, but have USPS on a cycling jersey – now that is an issue.  Who knew…

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