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Olympic Lessons and Too Much Television

As expected, there has been a lot of “tv time” over the last two weeks.  Sleep patterns are off, productivity is down, and I really want a kayak and my own white water slalom course.  But above all, it is the lessons the two weeks of athletic competition teach and remind us of that is the real benefit.  Now the geography and cultural lessons are not a bad benefit either.

So, what have we all learned?

– If you are going to be involved in something where there are winners and losers, rankings and awards, do NOT do it in a field that is judged.  Utter committment to something to have your fate determined by others – no thank you.  Give me points scored, targets hit, times recorded, or whatever quantifiable scoring system you wish, but not judges.

– Clearly, Ryan Lochte wanted to beat Michael Phelps in a head-to-head race in the Olympics. Once he did it, he never raced as well.  Motivation and goals are funny things.  It was interesting how much better Michael Phelps swam after loosing a few races.

– Hope Solo, and really anyone who struggles to control their emotions, needs to stay off Twitter. Though it will rarely if ever make you millions, I am confident Twitter can cost you millions.

– It does not matter what you have done. It only matters what you do in the moment. #1 ranking, reigning World Champion, world record holder, being the favorite – none of that matters when you are in the moment.

– The general public LOVES to be spoon fed their entertainment. Tape delay, knowing the results, sappy back stories and profiles – it has all been consumed at an unprecedented level. Easy and prepackaged – it’s what people want.

– There is now, and probably always has been, just a certain percentage of folks who will never be happy.   They just have to snipe at things.  The irony is that all of the snarky comments and criticisms are usually delivered while the person is doing the thing they are criticizing.  The bashing of the Olympics was done as folks were sitting and watching.  Really?

– Misty and Kerri.  First off, when you can go by one name, you have truly “made it”.  But it is that reminder that loving what you do, and with whom you do it, is the key to greatness.

– Just be nice – it makes such a huge difference.  Gabby Douglas will be the face, well certainly the smile, of these games.  Not only did she perform when it mattered most, but she did it all with a smile.  Everyone likes the positive, warm and just plain likeable person…especially when they win.

– The corollary to the above is also true – not everyone will like the arrogant and cocky person, but they will certainly respect them IF they deliver.  Say what you will about Usain Bolt, but there is no doubt that guy delivers.  Flat out amazing.

– Yet again, it is proven that everyone loves Canada.  Who, other than the host country, always gets the loudest ovation at the Opening Ceremonies?  Canada.

For all the obscure events, sappy stories, P&G commercials, and endless pitches for NBC’s fall programing line-up (Matthew Perry anyone?) it has been a great two weeks.  Yes it was all tape delayed, but it is still an amazing thing to see absolute perfection in motion.  The way Bolt runs, Phelps swims, and Douglas flies, or any of the other folks who toil in total anonymity, it is an amazing thing to see.   Thanks for sharing.


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