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Wingmen – The Spirit of the Season

Tis the Season, or so goes the saying.  In our hypersensitive world, far too much time is spent “debating” what to call the season.  Is it Christmas, Hanukkah, the winter solstice, a pagan ritual of the tree, or nothing at all.  Thankfully one thing most do agree on is that the overall spirit of “this time of year” is that of giving, of being with family and friends, and just generally doing more for others.  It is a sort of end of year scramble; the opportunity to make up for being self-centered the previous 11 months.  The Spirit of the Season if you will.

It is ironic, or maybe it is done purposely, but there seems to be a flood of new books released on December 1st.  Call it that other “Spirit of the Season” – consumerism.  However there is one that has risen above the clutter.  Never Fly Solo has hit both the New York Times and Wall Street Journal best seller lists. It is the first release by Rob “Waldo” Waldman, a former Air Force fighter pilot and successful business owner and keynote speaker.  The theme of Never Fly Solo is to support and trust those around you.  To quote the author:

“Trust.  That’s what this book is about.  It’s not about combat or how to apply jet-fighter tactics to beat your competition.  It is, above all else, about building trust in yourself and then building trusting relationships with other.  These trusted partners are your wingmen.”

In short, you cannot go it alone.  It takes a team to support you in your mission, and it takes others to help you see what you are missing.  In fighter pilot lingo, someone else has to “check your 6”.   In the lingo of Waldo – you need to have wingmen – trusted partners in business and in life.

I have been fortunate to have known Waldo for many years.  I have truly seen the evolution of the “Wingman“, of his business, his career, and of course his book.   However one thing has been clear since I met Waldo all those years ago – he is an above-board class act.  With the release of Never Fly Solo everything came full circle.  The message is clear, we all knew it, but it took a guy like Waldo to put it into words.  Support and trust others.  The support you receive in return will be 10 fold what you give.  In short, be a wingman – Tis the Season.

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